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  • Aug 12th, 2022
  • Paying

    1.50% hourly for 168 hours; 3.00% hourly for 120 hours; 6.78% hourly for 96 hours; 13.2% hourly for 72 hours; 25.00% hourly for 48 hours and more

  • Aug 7th, 2022
  • 0.30% daily for 650 days; 3.00% daily for 150 days; 7.00% daily for 80 days

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Danger Uranus Mining Limited

Please do not invest! The project admin is a thief and a fraud! I invested $500 in the one day plan The admin changed my investment plan to a 1000 day plan! There is no 1000 day plan in investment plans!!! 1000 day plan with 0.1% daily profit

Very Good

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Very Good Robotics

Paying amazing legit site! Received Litecoin +0,89707 LTC ? 57,31 US$ From Litecoin address 7/6/2022 21:55

Very Good

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Very Good Lightassetsltd

I decided to another make a new deposit of $1000 Instant withdrawal paid from this project i have been earning since more than 3 years now You should not miss this opportunity to gain stable returns for years :) Payment batch - The amount of 18 U

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Warning to All Of Our Visitors !!

For Your Attention, All online investments are extremely risky, investment should be cautious.

You should check what others comment on the programs, is it real paying , does the project pay all investors or only pay small investors & monitors. We don't give practice, all investment decisions are up to you !!!

We are not responsible for solving the problem if the project doesn't pay !!

Your money is yours, you must be responsible for your own profits and losses . Even if you lose money, don't complain to us !!! You've been warned about the hazards !!

Please don't trust any e-mail or Telegram ID that pretends to be from us and contains any kind of advertisement inside. You'd better contact us first to verify this .

Thank you
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Details of Infinity Bet
Lifetime: 368 days
  • Monitored: 152 days
  • Our Investment: $0.00
  • Withdrawal: Manual
  • Last Payout: No Payouts
  • Payment: PerfectMoney Bitcoin
  • GOOD 0
  • BAD 1
  • Min/Max: $100 $ / $No Limit
  • Referral: 5%
  • Mons: ISP ahm Detailed analysis and reviews of Infinity Bet
Investment Plan:

FlexBet – Daily Interest from 0.5% up to 1.2%. Maximum Earnings - 200%. (principal included)| FixBet – Daily Interest of 0.8%. Maximum Earnings - 200%. (principal included) | VIP Bet – Daily Interest of 0.8%. Maximum Earnings - 220%. (principal included)

Infinity Bet description:
Infinity Bet Program Description Infinity BetInfinity Bet is closed community for investors which has been specializing in betting, sports prediction, and sports arbitrage for 7 years. Specialists team is formed of over 20 professionals, who use the most effective strategies for making money on sports betting. They have thoroughly studied all the pitfalls of this field to gather the most precious knowledge together and use it for the benefit of clients. The staff always investigates every possible sports event. Based on the result of the calculations, deals are made with the maximum success rate by applying the most optimal strategy for sports betting. The main goal was to give everyone the opportunity to earn money regardless of knowledge in the field and financial situation. Everyone can try the Luck of winning up to 10$ Daily with the Fortune Wheel. This exceptional tool is available for 30 days after registration and helps everyone to accumulate for their first investment. Besides this play the most popular games in the Game Portal and Win money for your investment. Share the opportunity with your friends and get 5% referral bonus and promoted in the generous career marketing plan. Receive 3% passive income from passive income of your downlines up to 10th level and get great career rewards. Moreover, LIVE TV helps you to feel the match atmosphere from your user account and the News Section will keep everyone up to date with the latest events from the world of sports. Get started fast and easy with the company’s detailed guide from Instructions section. PLAY EARN WIN with Infinity Bet!
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